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I am Ubo Pakes and I am a Dutch who moved to the Philippines in 2008 and photography became my way of getting more acquainted with the many different aspects of Philippine culture and the many differences between my home country and the Philippines. Observing the world around me through my camera is a great way to remain curious of the area where I now live.

Living and working in a big metropolitan area like Cebu has directed my focus on the people who are working and living a big part of their lives on the streets of the City. For me, photography turned out to be a great way to be in contact with society, learning parts of the language and the customs of the big city and surrounding province. My interests are mainly in documenting the lives of ordinary people in all facets of daily life, but I do love to travel.

On this site you can find some of my work in the form of individual photos in the blog below. Please have a look also at the photo essays for longer observations and photo series. You can find them here

Thanks for the visit and enjoy ..

Photo stories

Lights and shadows

A ray of sunlight highlighting a number of people in a dark area to whom the sun actually is a hassle

(c) Ubo Pakes 2020


Sometimes you see a scene and even before you get the camera out of your bag, you are reminded of a painter or photographer you admire. That happened to me earlier this week

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